How many people do you cut after auditions?

NONE! 🙂 We are a teaching theatre and believe everyone should have a chance to shine on stage. Therefore, everyone who auditions for our shows will have a part. We believe that the best way to learn is from experience; everyone has to start somewhere. 

Who casts your shows?

At BLP, we have an integral team of three who make ALL casting decisions (Brittany, Dena and team of directors). We sometimes will ask for advice if others sit in on auditions, but it is SOLELY this small group that makes casting decisions.

Can a new student get a lead?

We have new kids get leads all the time! Here are a few roles in which kids had leads during their first show with us: Peter Pan, Jack Kelly, Katherine Plumber, Joseph Pulitzer, Gabriella Montez, Mary Poppins, Sandy, Frenchy, Kenickie, Rizzo, Sonny, Elsa, Anna, Aladdin, Cruella de Vil, Annie, Simba, Mufasa, Mowgli, Emmett (from Legally Blonde)

When will the cast list come out?

Expect for the cast list to come out a day or two before your first rehearsal. Often we get it out even sooner, but we can’t guarantee it. We take casting very seriously and spend multiple days evaluating and praying over cast lists. We also often audition and cast multiple shows at a time because of scheduling and therefore need time to make all decisions.

Do you precast shows?

We DO NOT precast shows. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost, it’s completely unfair. This is how favoritism comes into play. We often have many talented kids show up to auditions that we haven’t met before, and it wouldn’t be fair for them to audition for a show that has already been cast. At auditions, every child starts with a clean slate and is never judged on past performances. How someone auditions is the SOLE factor we take into consideration when casting. 

I heard that so and so is going to be this part. Is that true?

Until the final cast list has been sent out, you can assume this is NOT true. We ask that all students shut down rumors such as this. Most of the time rumors like this get started when the casting team hasn’t even begun the casting process!

Why does so and so get to pick their part?

No one gets to pick their part. We do often hear which parts people want as kids are quite vocal about it, but no one besides the casting team gets to decide who’s in which part.

Will there be two casts/will the show be double cast?

This is a question that we often can’t answer until after auditions. We make this decision based off of the amount of people that audition and who’s the right fit for which part. In the past, we have often had two casts for our Intermediate Players and have double-casted our Senior Players.

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