Featuring Amanda Fallon Smith

Amanda Fallon Smith is excited to be partnering with Brittany Leazer Productions to offer an educational series on College Auditioning: a comprehensive program that prepares your child in all aspects of college auditioning. Not only does this curriculum include private sessions, but also group workshops with some of the industry’s leading professionals.

As a recent graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama with a BFA in Musical Theatre, Amanda’s recent insight and experience are a great leg up for our high school students as she covers everything from picking individualized repertoire, to audition day outfits. College auditions are an entirely different beast, and this program is tailored to just that!


The College Audition Program will meet weekly on Wednesday nights from 8 – 9 pm. The program will run from September 2023 – March 2024. Additional workshops and sessions may be scheduled throughout the year.


The College Audition Program will be $100 a month. There may be additional fees for extra workshops/activities.



The right repertoire can make our break an audition. Is the material age appropriate? Does it fit your character/voice type? Have the auditioners heard this piece 12 times already today? The repertoire discussions are a vital step in creating the ultimate audition package that showcases YOU as an individual at the highest competitive level.


When you’re auditioning at the college level, it’s best to assume that everyone in the waiting room with you is also an excellent singer; but when you’re auditioning for Musical Theatre, great vocals are just one of the many elements needed in your audition songs. Musical and vocal dynamics, appropriate cuts, lyric detail and storytelling are often overlooked by young auditioners. However, they are the very first thing professionals and professors will be looking for.


Whether you’re auditioning for straight acting programs or musical theatre, the heart of everything is the STORY. I once had a teacher who said, “…sure, people can sing and dance beautifully, but if they can’t tell the story then who really cares?”. There are key elements and questions to be answered in any piece to create a compelling moment in your performance or audition. Creating a beautiful monologue takes time and going line by line to understand and infiltrate a character.


In standard auditions, you’re going in for a character. In college program auditions, the goal is to tailor your look, attitude and presence to sell YOU as an individual that these professors would  be interested in teaching. Remember, this is a four year investment on their part, so they are going to be looking for the full package including talent, overall look and adaptiveness to notes in the room.


The process of auditioning for college programs can be overwhelming, especially with each program requiring different materials, pre-screens, or audition requirements. Understanding the difference between programs and creating an organized game plan will leave any confusion or stress out of the equation and allow your student to focus on the most important goal, shining in the audition room.


Acting a song/monologue

Students will prepare a song and/or monologue to perform and work on in front of the workshop group. This allows for everyone to examine different pieces and their immediate growth and impact, as we dive into the intricacies of becoming a character.

Vocal Pedagogy

Understanding the voice/body and what happens when we phonate is key to healthy singing. Students will learn how to properly create sound and how to regulate the body when their nerves arise in certain situations, like auditioning.

Broadway Dance Styles

Students will take place in an all-day dance workshop, learning a number of different combinations in different styles. Our dance professional will share the tools needed to pick up choreography quickly and how to stand out among a group in the audition. Included styles will be: ballet, musical theatre jazz and tap.

Mock Audition

Program students will have the rare opportunity to meet, mock audition and receive feedback from some of the country’s most prominent theatre programs and professionals. Connections are everything in the business, and having your headshot in certain hands early can go a long way.


Taped Dance Auditions

Any taped dance auditions will be worked on with Dena Friderich.

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We are devoted to developing young actors filled with courage, confidence, and passion in a Christ-centered environment. Students participating in the program will learn to reach within themselves to affect and move audiences.

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