Established in 2017, East Cobb Theatrical addresses the lack of high-quality performing-arts programs in Cobb County. We provide students with an opportunity to explore the arts—often for the very first time—and to hone their craft in an environment that affirms their God-given worth and purpose. East Cobb Theatrical Productions meets a growing demand for an arts space for students who might not otherwise have the chance to thrive in traditional recreation programs. Additionally, our programs bring accessible, live theatre performances to community members who might not otherwise have access to them.

We empower students to reach within themselves in order to inspire and move audiences.

We give students the opportunity to flourish in a safe and uplifting space that affirms their God-given worth and purpose.

We help fill the need for high-quality, family-friendly performing-arts programming in northern Georgia. 

Students with high arts involvement are:


more likely to be recognized for academic achievement


more likely to participate in a math or science fair


more likely to win an attendance award


Through our programs we serve students in grades K–12, as well as college freshman. Each year we put on over a dozen productions, averaging over 60 performances annually. The give-and-take process of ensemble work teaches a multitude of skills, chief among them that another student’s talents do not take away from—but rather complement—one’s own talents. Through ensemble work, students learn valuable skills such as: 

  • how to work in a team
  • public speaking skills and self-presentation
  • interviewing skills that will help them secure jobs one day
  • how to creatively process challenges and develop problem solving abilities


students in grades K-12 served per year

performances per year

productions each year

audience members per performance

male participants

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We are devoted to developing young actors filled with courage, confidence, and passion in a Christ-centered environment. Students participating in the program will learn to reach within themselves to affect and move audiences.

2863 Johnson Ferry Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062