Behind every great vocalist is great technique. All well-known singers have an arsenal to pull from that merges their natural abilities with learned vocal techniques, enabling them to deliver great vocal performances. You can develop your own arsenal! For those with an innate vocal gift, technique is easily learned to release your potential and transform your voice. Together we will work to expand your range, improve your tone, increase your power, and control your pitch, all while protecting your vocal cords.

A vocal coach can’t take a non-singer and make her a great singer, but (s)he can take a vocalist with natural, raw talent and teach her to hone her craft until it is as excellent as possible. If you’re a singer looking unlock your God-given potential, a vocal coach will definitely be a great fit for you!

A good vocal coach will make it a priority to protect your instrument (your voice) by teaching you ways to achieve the following while avoiding damage to the vocal cords:

  • expanded range
  • a more reliable powerhouse vocal
  • accurate pitch
  • a sound that is unique to you and not a carbon copy of your favorite singer
  • a good instinct for how to stylize your vocal performance

Sessions for private voice lessons are taught by  Master Vocal Instructor Alison Graham and Vocal Professional Amanda Fallon-Smith. If you are interested in a private voice lesson please contact them at and

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